What's Web50000 or Web50K?
What does "Web 50 000 or Web 50K" mean ?
Australia, more than 1000 picts
Borneo "Jungle Experience", April 2001
Canada, "amazing wilderness", 1996 & 1998
China - 6 months in 1997

In 1997, China, Australia and New Zealand were part of a dream, a wonderful project : " Discover the World with 3 countries " : 3 very different countries, cultures, landscapes, way of life ...

What does "Web 50 000" mean ?

50 000 is a key number. During 9 months accross China, Australia and New Zealand, I have travelled about 50 000 km : walking or using trains, boats, planes, and bicycle (mainly in China !!). Actually, 50 000km is also approximately the circumference of Earth. That's how this website got its name.

This webSite has been design for people who love traveling, adventures, backpacking around the world.

You can find here travel tips and pictures from some amazing countries in the world. I live in Australia since Sept 1999, so Asia/Pacific/Oceania is the most common destination but the world is ours ....

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Cambodia - the Amazing "Angkor Temples", April 2002
New Zealand , Several trips since 1997
Fiji Islands "Taste of the Pacific", June 2001
Malaysia - "Ultra Modern Asia", 2002
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